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About The South African Small Rifle Field Shooting Association

The aims and objectives of the SASRFSA is to promote Small Rifle Field Shooting in all provinces of South Africa. Small rifle means shooting with .222 Remington or .223 Remington hunting rifles at full size animal paper targets. These targets will be of the typical indigenous game normally being hunted with these calibre rifles. Suspended steel targets of different shapes and sizes will also be used, and they are normally used in mountainous areas where walking up and down towards the targets are difficult.

Hunting Rifle Shooting as we all know it was started by Willem Botha in central South Africa in the city of Bloemfontein in the early 1990`s. The .222-223 part of the sport was developed a few years ago by the same man, but with a lot of changes.

These changes were made to attract more shooters, especially women and younger people. If you look at the type of rifles, telescopes and all the other equipment that this new sport is using, you will see why. Equipment does not play that big a role. Anybody with a standard production rifle and telescope can be competitive. You can have fun with your standard .222-223 rifle and telescope and still walk away as the winner. The longer barrel life and cheaper components to reload are also attractive to new shooters.

This is the paper and steel sport for the small hunting rifle owner, the .222 Rem and .223 Rem people. This sport is still the closest to hunting, and it is designed exclusively as a test for hunters and their rifles. Competitions are set up in the veld, but can also be conducted on a shooting range.

The purpose of the sport is to test the distance judging ability of the shooter, his or her knowledge of the bullet`s external ballistics, his or her ability to shoot in any kind of wind, shooting from various positions and doing all this in limited time frames. This shooting format tests all of these elements during a competition.

It is also a shooting contest of variable and non-standard format that examines practical marksmanship as it may occur in the field. This will test the shooter’s abilities – not just the accuracy of his rifle or the fanciness of his equipment.

The SASRFSA is continuously looking at innovative ways and means to develop and improve the sport to attract more shooters. The SASRFSA is also continuously developing and adding new targets to the existing range to keep the sport interesting and challenging.


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